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"The Supernova Cup"

Here's a quick exercise I just finished for School of Motion's Design Bootcamp. It's just an orientation "let's see where you are" piece, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I'm a little too quick to jump toward "eye-popping 3D environment" as a design crutch– and that's certainly at play here– but that's one of many reasons why I continue to pursue these learning opportunities, even after all of these years. There is and always will be abundant room for growth and learning.

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Between "Jumpman" and "Fragile Things" (Projects 1 and 3 of my first semester at Mograph Mentor), there was "Gohma." A simple, quick, "bouncing ball" animation exercise that... honestly, isn't finished.

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Site Update and Process Posts!

I've let this website develop some cobwebs as of late, I admit. I had a couple of kids, I've taken on more work, enrolled in some programs... it's been a busy time.

But I'm here to make amends. I've spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding everything from the ground up.

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